Urban areas continue to expand as the world population continues to grow. More urban areas means there less acres of agricultural production. Urban landscapes and urban agricultural provide an alternative to conventional practices. We provide the ability for our clients to utilize their urban spaces to the fullest with organic, productive edibles gardens and beautiful native landscapes.

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Each design is unique to accommodate the distinct needs of each urban setting. A detailed site plan will combine all the different parts of the landscape. Displaying a to scale drawing of the space to include dimensions, garden beds, pathways, plants, trellis, greenhouses, composter's and seating areas. Design cost varies depending on size and complexity of project. 

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In-house builders construct and install each garden according to the highest standards of sustainable best management practices. We use locally sourced, sustainable, and non-toxic materials. 

Our prices are competitive but not the cheapest, we stand behind our products and the materials we use! We want our gardens to be around in 10 years & filled with only the best Organic Soil and Compost we can find!

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Maintenance is preformed weekly or bi weekly. We provide all necessary supply's to keep your garden productive and beautiful. We will keep you up to date on whats happening in your garden and when its ready to harvest. All our products we use are organic certified. 

Maintenance starting at $175 a month! includes weekly visits to keep your garden looking Beautiful. Prices increase with garden size and desired plants.


Local OrganicKs has a number of products available all geared to help you get started with your own garden! 

  • Locally sourced Compost
  • Organic Soil
  • Potted Herbs & Veggies
  • Hand Crafted Planter Boxes 
  • and more

Give us a call for more about our products.